Why ABC?

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Why ABC?


Finding of Fact:

Increased AWARENESS can reduce the risk of a cyber attack by 45%- 75%

Human BEHAVIOR is involved in over 95% of cybersecurity breaches

Establishing a CULTURE of security starts with you





Test Your Strengths.
Know Your Weaknesses.

Companies provide employees with nearly all the tools necessary to meet the job’s demands.  Some of those tools we carry around with us at all time, such as our smart phones, tablets and company issued laptops.

We establish programs and campaigns to keep employees informed.

By implementing process and procedures, we hope to maximize efficiencies and maintain quality control.

Knowledge is power.  By encouraging engagement in awareness we deliver knowledge that will change our overall behavior towards cyber security threats.

In the end, our attitudes will play a critical role in combating the ever-changing cyber threat landscape.  We intend to stay ahead of the hackers by strengthening the current weakest layer of defense, people, us, your employees.


Hackers Connect with Purpose.

  • They test our morality…our ethics, focusing on making us do the ‘wrong’ thing.
  • We all have some level of inquisitiveness, baiting our curiosity is strength of the hacker profile.
  • When it comes to adherence, hackers guide us to make mistakes by being in conformity, falling in line with the rest.
  • Fear, who doesn’t behave differently when faced with fear?
  • Trust is built on relationships and they like to hang out in our systems on average of 200 days…
  • When the time is right, they will set the hook and reel in their reward.

These are just some of the behaviors we can take a look at to connect with and guide employees to make better decisions and choices in their day-to-day work and home life responsibilities.

Let’s Connect to Correct!


Make Security Part of Your Story.

A Culture of security is a pattern of:

Behaviors, Beliefs, Assumptions, Attitudes AND a Willingness to do things that promote security. Cultural Change is needed in order to implement and cultivate a newly developed security culture. Education plays a crucial role. We need to Measure the current level of information security…a baseline work from. We should look at ways to Motivate, encourage, nudge employees to adopt new behaviors. Ultimately, Gamification is proven to help raise awareness, change behavior and promote a culture of security in the workplace. Security can actually be fun when you apply game mechanics to it!

Create a Human Firewall.

Build Cyber Security into Your Everyday.

Get Started Today.

Our SecureABC team is available to answer your questions and identify the best path toward cyber security within your organization.