Why is Cybercrime Accelerating During COVID 19 Pandemic?

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The United Nations Security Council released information that cybercrime is up 600% since the pandemic began. Healthcare facilities and organizations have been at the top of the list globally, as targets of these attacks. Why?

When I first got into the workplace technology business in the late 1990s, a company called Polycom released a new video conferencing product that included a LAN or RJ45 network connection. At that time, connecting to the network and using the internet for video communications was very new. 

Our CEO, Rob Sheeley, commented that “one day, all video conferencing will be done on a PC, with a camera, microphone and software.” 

Since then, video collaboration technology has developed dramatically.

Fast forward, 2020. The COVID-19 Pandemic has accelerated the use of remote collaboration platforms even more. Companies like Zoom, Skype, Microsoft Teams, Webex, and GoToMeeting are now go-to applications for people to connect, collaborate and work. 

All of this occurring online, from home offices around the world. Healthcare is now, video first or TeleHealth to connect with a doctor for an initial consultation. 

Again, all on the internet, up in The Cloud. This has created a target-rich environment for those cyber criminals that have refined their methods and capabilities over the past several years. 

They see this as a great opportunity, maybe once in a lifetime, shooting fish in a barrel.

How do we, as individuals, businesses, countries, respond to this pandemic driven crime surge?

Awareness is where we start. It’s why the UN put out these alarming numbers, to create awareness. 

Next, changing our Behavior. How we think about and conduct our “online” lives. What to click and what not to click? 

Ultimately, this Pandemic has created a new norm, and with that, we need to adopt a new Culture that includes and culture of cyber security.

Stay safe and stay healthy is a common saying these days, apply it to your cyber world as well as your physical word.

– Ryan Heining, Founding Partner

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