Are We Losing Control? + How to Regain It.

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A few thoughts from founding partner, Erik Tammearu, in a recent morning meeting:

“It occurred to me the other day, the first thing I reach for in the morning is my phone…(not my toothbrush). Then I looked around to see my smart tv, Sonos speaker, Eero, Kindle, Garmin watch…etc. 

Back to my phone. Staring at the home screen with all of the collective apps, I counted 128 icons that required a password of sorts to maintain access. 

Closing my eyes I began to think about my family and how their lives are so much different than how I grew up. Accepting this new reality, I must find a way to protect my family.

Am I losing control? Have I lost control? Where does one go to get control and protect their family?”

Sound familiar?

Me too. As a recent college grad, I essentially grew up with a smartphone. I barely remember a world where there wasn’t “an app for that!”

Through my years of schooling, the basic fundamentals of how to keep oneself safe in an online era weren’t commonly discussed.

The idea that I shouldn’t check an app containing sensitive personal data while in my favorite coffee shop didn’t come first nature to me.

However, after enrolling in SecureABC Identity Protection, I now have the awareness, control and peace of mind over my increasingly cyber centric life. I receive notifications, alerts, tips and more to keep myself secure from identity threats. 

Are you looking for more awareness? Control? Peace of mind? Get started with SecureABC Identity Protection today.


-Grace Kasbohm

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