Why I Read My Inboxes Differently Now

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It’s 8 a.m. I sit down at my desk, open my email, scroll through my inbox and respond to any important action items.

It’s part of my morning routine. I bet yours looks similar as well.

However, as I go through my inbox on this particular day, I’m reading it differently. I’m actively searching (versus the old…*spilling my coffee and doing a quick scan while I wipe up the mess I just made*).

I look at who each email is from. Do I recognize this sender? Why are they sending me something? What’s the subject line? Can I see (without opening) if there are any attachments? I ask myself..”could this be a potential phishing attempt?”

These thoughts rarely crossed my mind during my morning email scan prior to being hired at SecureABC. By simply increasing my awareness, I reduced the risk of a cyber attack by 45-75%.

Now, I read all of my inboxes differently (my personal included). I’m not mindlessly clicking on emails.

I understand the risk and potential threat that comes along with that behavior (human behavior is involved in over 95% of cybersecurity breaches).

Avoid the risk. Establish a culture of cyber security within your company today.

Let’s make security part of your story!

– Grace Kasbohm


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