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Similar to the official/unofficial transition from Spring into Summer over the Memorial Day weekend, we are met with the same meteorological season change around the Labor Day weekend.

Living in Minnesota, we are blessed with 4 solid seasons! It’s interesting how the anticipation of a change in weather, ecology, and the amount of daylight has adjusted for me over the years.

When I was a kid, the winter was where it was at. Snow, sledding, hockey, what else could a kid from Minnesota ask for? As I advanced into my college years, Fall was where the memories stand out. Clean, crisp, cool air with all the festivities around homecoming, football, fraternity, and friends. As I am sure one could understand, not much beats the spring and summer in the northern states after feeling hunkered down in the frigid temps and early sunsets.

I realized the other day this ‘feeling’ I have about anticipating the upcoming change in seasons, is the same feeling I have around the hopes and expectations that we will transition from the global pandemic.

Faced with the challenges of how we as a society must operate today and how we will move forward into this new way of life.

Design and efficiencies are being re-engineered across all businesses. It doesn’t matter what industry or vertical you reside in. How can we make our lives better, faster and safer?

Instead of having indoor dining as the attraction at fast food establishments, they are re-creating the footprint for less parking and more drive-through options. What once was the ‘fast food lane’ now has turned into the ‘order ahead zone’ and ‘ready for you lane.’ All for your convenience.

When thinking about our #cybersecuritytraining solutions and how we are trying to make lives and #smallbusiness safer and more efficient, we package protection together.

Similar to the fast-food industry, our delivery since day-one was designed for a hands-free approach.

Our team delivers and administrates #phishing, #cybersecuritytraining, #smbmonitoring and #identityprotection for the #smallbusiness, allowing them to focus on what their dream is.

Every year since 2003, October has been recognized as National Cyber Security Awareness Month #NCSAM. As we transition from September into October this year, we encourage your #smallbusiness to give us a try…on us!


– Erik Tammearu, Founding Partner


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