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#FoundersFriday with Jeff Starbird.

This week I received a letter from Allina Health informing me the company was a victim of a national ransomware attack. Allina was fortunate as their software provider along with forensic experts and law enforcement were able to prevent the cyber criminal from blocking their system access and fully encrypting files.

The data the criminals accessed included my name and address. It may also have included my date of birth, dates, location of medical visits, and names of doctors. The letter claimed accessed information did not include my credit card or bank info, social security numbers or personal medical information.

Allina had access to high-level cyber consultants to avoid being shut down and being required to pay a large ransom.

Most companies have limited financial resources and capabilities to stop a ransomware attack once engaged. The company receives a large ransom demand to unlock the company’s records.

Paying the ransom does not guarantee their records will be unencrypted. Even if systems are unlocked, It is becoming more common for the attackers to copy and still release the data.

Smaller companies are becoming an increasingly popular target. Prevention is the key.

Conducting cyber security awareness training can reduce the risk of successful ransomware or other cyber attacks. Human BEHAVIOR is involved in over 95% of cybersecurity breaches. Educate to “think before you click” with SecureABC.


Jeff Starbird, Founding Partner


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