#FoundersFriday with Ryan Heining: Why Did We Begin?

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#FoundersFriday with Ryan Heining:

Why Did We Begin?

Where did we begin? Why did we begin?

Often, entrepreneurs are asked the question, where did you start? Where did you begin your company? Where were you at? What were you doing?

I think it’s more relevant to ask, why? Why did you create or build this company or this product,  or service?

More often than not, the answer is simple, to solve a problem. My problem, as a small business owner, was the risk that cyber threats posed to my business, my customers, my employees, and my vendors.

The solution, create awareness, change behavior, develop a culture of cybersecurity.

SecureABC is the result of developing a simple ABC approach to the cyber risk problem for small and mid-sized businesses.


—Ryan Heining, Founding Partner


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