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#FoundersFriday with Erik Tammearu.


Welcome to the Revolution…

The only guarantee we have is that there will be change…it’s how we handle the change!


When I started my career in the rubber and plastics industry back in the early to mid-1990s, I was fortunate to walk the assembly lines of some of the largest OEM’s in the world.

I saw with my own eyes how a transmission is put together, witnessed a combine tractor with wheels 13 feet high roll out the door, and suited up for a cleanroom that was assembling an implant device.

It was truly an eye-opening experience every time I was able to walk the floor!

The buzz words back then were JIT manufacturing (just in time), QS9000 (introduced by the ‘Big Three’ in 1994), ISO9000, and quality control.

Essentially make the part to spec each time, every time, and on-time.

Part of the job was to know where ‘my’ parts were in the process. I spent time chasing down in-line engineers and quality control personnel to find out when they would ship. In rare cases, if I needed to be on-call to pick them up via UPS Red at the airport and hand-deliver them to the manufacturing line, in hopes of preventing an entire line shutdown.

The human effect is being challenged by the Industrial Revolution 4.0.

Our reliability on cross-communication between the supply chain and the production line puts vulnerability at the forefront of every process and procedure implemented.

Welcome to the revolution, consider a Culture of Security.

—Erik Tammearu, Founding Partner


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