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#FoundersFriday with Jeff Starbird.

Small Business Alert.

This past June, The Wall Street Journal published a Cybersecurity report summarizing findings from a survey of information security officers at nearly 400 companies.

The size of the companies varied, but the findings were especially alarming for small businesses.

Small businesses don’t have the resources that larger companies have to fend off or recover from cyberattacks.

The survey also highlighted, small businesses are less likely to have cyber insurance in place to assist recovery.

“Only 63% of companies with under $50 million in revenue have a cybersecurity program.

More concerning, 15% have no plan to put cybersecurity programs in place.”

Many companies are not implementing basic prevention practices to reduce the risk of breaches that could threaten the company’s very existence.

Preparedness is the key to survival.

SecureABC can help you with a plan.

—Jeff Starbird, Founding Partner


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