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#FoundersFriday with Ryan Heining.

The New Workplace.

The workplace and workforce has been dramatically altered as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Telework, home offices, and the technologies that allow these environments to operate have been around for years.

However, the pandemic has rapidly pushed these environments and technologies into the forefront.

Companies like Zoom have gone from just another video collaboration tool, into a mission-critical business communication tool.

VPNs, Remote Desktops, and The Cloud had already been experiencing steady growth, but now that growth looks like a hockey stick.

As IT teams, MSP’s and data centers race to deploy support for these efforts, Cyber thieves are looking at this as the next great opportunity.

Those Cyber hackers are working as hard (or harder) than your MSP or IT team. The low hanging fruit hangs from your small business tree and the millions of small businesses throughout America.

You are their target. They believe you’re too worried about COVID-19 and the related economic challenges that you’ll leave a door open to cyber attacks.

How do you respond (with limited financial and technical resources)? The simple answer is to start. Start with the basics. Blocking and tackling, the ABCs around cybersecurity.

Think about Awareness. For you (the owner), for your employees, and your vulnerabilities.

Think about Behavior. What are the activities and operations we do each day that could be exploited by a cyber hack?

Think about what Culture. You could create at this time, a culture that is centered around safety, security, and cyber wellness.

ABC, start there. It’s simple, low cost, and of high value.


—Ryan Heining, Founding Partner


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