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NCSAM: If You Connect It, Protect It— IoT Security.

What is IoT? IoT (Internet of Things) are devices that have network connectivity, collect user data, process and analyze that data, and then return it back to the user (a giant network of connected devices).

Example: your smartphone, smartwatch, smart home appliances, printer, washer & dryer, computers, traffic lights, thermostat, baby monitor, your car Bluetooth phone system, etc.

Most of these devices are connected back to a smartphone or laptop (the “host”).

Gartner forecasts that 25 billion connected things will be in use by 2021. (Gartner)

Main benefits: provides valuable data & information, automates processes, productivity, efficiency, may reduce costs, and much more.

Main concerns: security concerns, safety concerns, and data privacy.

Action steps YOU can take: implement stronger security practices for your personal accounts and businesses, raise community awareness (share this post!), educate young people, and train employees on proper cyber security practices.

To learn more about IoT click HERE.


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